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Conditions of cross-country skiing trails


Conditions of cross-country skiing trails

24 January 2019
Conditions of cross-country skiing trails in Bialskie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Mountains.
Running routes report no. 28 at 22.02.2019 Everywhere the conditions are from very good to perfect, there is a lot of snow from 30 to 120 cm in upper parts. Today, all the routes have been snow groomed. The Bialskie Mountains/ Rychlebskie Conditions are perfect, all the routes are prepared, among them there are: Valley of the White Ladecka, so called 13 Ultrabiel, Maly Velki Sengen,Nowa Morawa up to Sucha pass. Horsky hotel Paprewk snow grooms regularly the places like Pohadka, Petrikov, Milire, Mala Pralinka, Velka Pralinka, Rozovka, Rampa, Magistrala Medvedi Bouda. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there will be organised competition at Paprsku JeLyMan (23-24th February) but routes will be open as usual. Czech care about universality of cross-country skiing. Our support is more thank welcome. Dolina Pluszcza at Chata Cyborga - a place to rest at the end of the world. You can do some cross-country skiing but the conditions are not perfect - the layer of snow is from 15 to 50 cm. It's an alternative for beginners, families and small children to learn. The Snieznik Mountains The conditions are from very good to ideal. There are prepared: Zbigniew Fastnacht "Na Sniezniku" shelter, Janowa Gora, Droga nad Lejami and Nowa Morawa. Gory Mlynsko, a mini loop to the ski lift in Kamienica and Boleslawowie are not ready. Have fun at cross-country skis all of you!
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